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Life Memories Box Company

10 Jan
Keepsake Bear Treasured Memories Box

After an abssence of 4 years Life Memories Box Coimpany have once again launched man advertising campaign with Mother and Baby Magazine.  The reintroduction of Keepsake Bears Treasure Memories Box to our range along with some very nice modifications is a mwelcome boost to the company.  Mother and Baby magazine along with Pregnancy and Birth nmagazine have raised our profile in the baby market since the year 2000 when we first began.

An ideal gift for your own child or the birth of a friend or relatives baby. A special place to keep all those early mementoes which you may wish to keep in this box. Whatever the age of your child, it is never too late to start gathering those little bits and pieces which may be strewn all over the home, and place them safely in this beautiful box.

We can mail a box direct on your behalf and include a personalised message of up to a maximum of twenty words.

Simple, strong and durable our boxes are made from pH neutral corrugated board, which means it does not contain acid or alkali.

Included in the price of your Memories Box is: · Personalisation of the box with the name of the child, date, time and weight at birth. · Pink or Blue ribbon. · 10 sheets of acid free tissue. Personalisation is in the form of a printed label which is placed inside the lid of the box.

Dimensions: L 42 x W 28 x D 29 cm (Internal dimensions)
The box is not supplied flat pack – it arrives ready for use!

The verse included with the box

A box in which your treasures to keep, A lifetime of memories tidy and neat. Your first booties, a lock of hair, Baby grow and your cuddly bear.

Hand prints and your baby tag, Birthday cards and comfort rag. Baby milk teeth and your dummy, The scan of you inside your Mummy.

A picture of your birthday cake, Play school gifts that you make. Term reports and school portraits, The swimming award, won aged eight.

Your blazer badge and first school tie, Love letters that made you sigh. These things will never be lost or forgot, They’re found in your Life Memories box.

Personalisation and verse is presented as a self adhesive label which we stick inside the lid.