Pet Keepsake Memorial Box

6 Feb

Life Memories Box Company launches a new range of Pet Keepsake Memorial Boxes. Having lost her own cat of 18 years Julie realised the need for such a box and created these ample sized boxes.


Losing a pet can be as painful as losing a family member. There is nothing like a photograph to capture the memories of our pets we so cherished. One glance at a photo and we remember a special day at the park, the day we brought our pet home, our first Gymkhana … or maybe our most memorable photos are of things we saw a million times – the way your dog cocked his head in just that way to make you give him a treat, the afternoon nap your cat took in just that spot, your horse standing at that fence you climbed so many times.We can create these boxes for any pet. Your custom made order carries your pets name, dates and epitaph. Our Pet Keepsake Memorial Box turns your photo into a memorable treasure you will cherish forever. Large enough to store all the special bits and pieces you cannot bring yourself to part with.Please note: the image only appears on the front of the box and is applied by us as a self adhesive layer.

0116 2886181


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