Preserving the memories of your children

29 Oct

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Keepsake Bears Treasured Memories box.

Keepsakes or memories whatever you choose to call them, it is important so save and collect all of the milestones your children will reach throughout their lifetime.  Here at Life Memories Box Company we developed a large box with exactly that in mind, and arr now in our 15th year of trading.  Our box is large enough to keep all of those special bit and pieces which you will want to save over the years.  From your baby tag, first photographs and greetings cards, hand or foot prints and christening gifts.  Their first birthday, their first Christmas, first day at nursery to their first day at school all of these special occasions can be marked in this keepsake box.  There are of course many keepsake/memories boxes on the market – but realistically they are too small! What could you keep in them other than a handful of small mementos?
Our Keepsake Box or Memories Box is strong, durable and simply decorated to fit into the nursery/bedroom of your child where it will be easy to lift the lid and drop your treasured memories inside.  As your child begins to grow and understand the meaning of their box – they can add their own treasures – sporting certificates, a special toy they no longer play with, their first valentines card … the list is endless.
The keepsake box is personalised with the name of the child, date, time and weight at Birth, we also include 20 sheets of acid free tissue to wrap and protect any delicate items.

KeepsakeBearNEW2  BearImage

KeepsakeDetail  Harvey2

KeepsakeBearBox1111 The original, the biggest, the strongest and the best!


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