Wedding Dress Travel Box

8 Dec

What to look for


Kerry Show Stopper · Wedding Dress Travel Box

  •     Ensure the box is the correct dimensions for your airline. Check your airline website for their carry on allowances.
  •     Please visit Life Memories Box Company where we have a section entitled ‘Will your dress fit’ here we have photographs which our brides have sent to us of themselves wearing their dresses. This will help you to envisage if your dress will fit into the box or not.
  •     We include instructions with the box on how to fold your dress and carefully enclose it in the acid free tissue, we include 20 sheets of this with your box.
  •     Make sure you choose a box which is strong enough for the job, the cheaper boxes on the market are generally made of a single wall corrugated board – ours is twin wall and very strong. As always you get what you pay for, so when transporting the most expensive dress you will possibly ever wear, why compromise on the quality of the box you carry it in.

Packing your wedding dress for travel

Copyright: Life Memories Box Company

We suggest you speak to your dress supplier about the best way to pack your wedding dress, most are happy to help and do this for you.  If however, you will be doing it yourself these simple instructions will help you on your way. two pair of hands are better than one!
•    Remove all jewellery and watches which may snag your dress.
•    Wash your hands and ensure the area to be used is clean.
•    Before you begin, cover any brooches or buckles with small pieces of tissue to prevent any possibility of snagging.
•    Take 4 sheets of tissue and lay over the sides of the box.
•    Fold one sheet of tissue in half and place into the bottom of the box · now set aside.
•    Fold one sheet of tissue in half and place it onto the surface where you will be folding your dress – large table, double bed or clean floor area.
•    Using this folded piece of tissue as your guide – lay your dress on top of it face down with the waist line on the folded edge.
•    Draw an imaginary line from the tissue down the length of your dress and fold in from the righthand side, placing tissue into the fold as you go. Repeat from the left.
•    You should now have a long narrow dress the width of a sheet of tissue ·  place tissue along the length of the dress, overlapping each by 50mm.
•    Fold 30cm up from the bottom, repeat this process until you reach the waistline of the dress.
•    Folding the top part of your dress backwards onto the skirt, you may want to scrunch some tissue and place into the bodice.
•    Lift and place your dress into the box.
•    Fold and bring over the tissue which you first laid over the edges of the box to completely cover the dress.
•    Finally place one sheet of tissue on the top.
•    Close the box. Tie any ribbon which may be included with your chosen style of box, it may be necessary to trim the ribbon with sharp scissors.
If you have security straps, this is the time to add them.
Once you arrive at your destination you should remove your dress from the box and hang it as soon as possible, please get specialist advice about YOUR dress from your dress supplier.
You may also want to check ahead with your travel company/hotel to see what pressing/steaming services they can provide.


Celebrating 16 years of Life Memories Box Company.

We are a small, family-run business based in Leicestershire. Julie started the business in 2000 when she had the idea of creating a range of keepsake boxes. Very quickly the Wedding Dress Storage Boxes followed and soon after,  the Wedding Travel Boxes were added to the range. It was when Julie travelled to Las Vegas for her own wedding that she recognised the need for a bride to carry her wedding dress safely with her onto the plane … the rest is history.
In the past 16 years our boxes have literally flown all over the world.


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